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Recruiting Ventilator Engineers?

VHR are acting as a specialist ventilator recruitment provider

For 17 years VHR have provided skilled engineers into Aerospace & Aviation, Automotive, Engineering, Defence and Marine. As many engineers have recently lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have a wealth of engineers, technicians and assembly workers available to make ventilators.

We have an immediate supply of candidates skilled in:

· Manufacturing


· General engineering

· Design and specification

· Rapid prototyping

· Product assembly

· Certification/regulation/testing

· Production

· Logistics.

Thinking About Making Ventilators?

With the disruption of the coronavirus, many Aviation and Automotive companies are being affected by travel restrictions, lack of customer demand and market decline. In response to COVID-19, over 60 companies across Engineering-related sectors have already signed up to begin manufacturing ventilators for payment.

Could your business start manufacturing ventilators? The Government is looking for any Engineering or Manufacturing-related business, of any size or capability, to make Rapidly Manufactured Ventilation Systems (RMVS) at speed and scale.

The RMVS will support the breathing of hospital patients at different stages of illness. Requirements for the machines include:

· Working continuously with a 100% duty cycle for blocks of 14 days

· Providing at least two settings for volume of air/air O2 mix delivered per cycle/breath at a peak pressure of 350 mm H2O

· Capability for patient supply pipework to remain constantly pressurised to 150mm H20

· Adjustable rate of between 12 and 20 cycles/breaths per minute

· Built from O2 safe components to avoid fire risk and demonstrate hotspot avoidance.

· Ability to supply pure air and air O2 mix at a range of concentrations including at least 50% and 100% Oxygen.

· Supporting connections for hospital Oxygen supplies – whether driven by piped or cylinder infrastructure.

· Compatibility with standard COTS catheter mount fittings

· Fail SAFE, ideally generating a clear alarm on failure.


Read the full requirements for building ventilation machines here: https://cw-chamber.co.uk/media/7176/specification_for_rmvs_challenge.pdf

If you think your business could start building ventilators and would like to discuss your suitability or any questions, email us at hello@v-hr.com or call +44 (0) 207 500 7980.

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