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Find out more about how VHR Workforce Solutions can help your business, whether you need high volume contract recruitment, long-term strategic planning, compliance consultation, or talent pool management, we have a solution that can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Plane 1The Situation:

As part of VHR’s provision of a Managed Service to a fast-growing Middle Eastern Airline a technology solution was required to provide real-time information on the status of the recruitment and onboarding process for an upcoming 280 person multi-country recruitment campaign.

This required a real-time cloud solution, with significant customisation capabilities to accommodate the complex recruitment and relocation processes, different views for different parties (managers, recruiters, 2ndtier supply chain, HR, Executive Management), automation, and strong reporting functionality to  identify where improvements could be made.

The Solution:

As VHR is not tied to any specific software we worked with our technology providers to source a cost solution to meet our client’s requirements. The technology platform was chosen for its simplicity to use, short implementation lead time, customisable graphics displays, and its different access permissions. The platform’s automation also enabled VHR’s onsite team to identify and deal with any potential on-boarding delays before they happened.

The Outcome:

VHR successfully delivered a team of 284 aircraft mechanics in the 9-month period requested by our client. The project involved 20 recruitment campaigns which often ran concurrently, in 11 different countries using 7 different second tier suppliers. The technology platform was accessed by over 40 users, stakeholders, and suppliers, allowing for full transparency. The technology platform was key to the successful recruitment, relocation, onboarding, management, and payroll for all 284 Aircraft Mechanics.

Metal 1The Situation:

As a preferred supplier to Lufthansa Technik Malta (LTM), and having supplied over 120 contract Aircraft Engineers and Technicians over a 4 year period, VHR proposed a new approach for sourcing Sheet Metal Technicians. LTM was suffering from a shortage of structural and Sheet Metal Workers, and finding people with the necessary skillsets was becoming increasingly expensive.

The Solution:

VHR’s solution was to create the skills required by LTM through the recruitment and relocation of Sheet Metal workers from the Philippines to Malta. The highly complex process involved organising a recruitment event in Manila where candidates were interviewed and technically tested for hand skills. This gave a comprehensive overview of the skills they already possessed.

VHR then fully managed the relocation process including incorporating in Malta so that we could arrange work permits, organise local accommodation and transport, handle applications for local tax numbers, process payroll, and all other logistics.

The Outcome:

VHR delivered a team of 10 Sheet Metal Technicians to LTM for an 18-month assignment, enabling LTM to deliver to their customers on time. In addition to successfully providing the much-needed skills, the solution provided LTM with 43% cost saving when compared to the provision of a European based Sheet Metal Worker.

Plane 2The Situation:

In 2006, VHR was selected to provide a Managed Recruitment Service for a newly established Middle Eastern Airline. The Airline was embarking on a period of rapid growth and needed to recruit 70 Licensed Aircraft Engineers (LAEs) and Aircraft Technicians within a 3-month period to support their growing operation. The required personnel were not readily available locally.

The Solution:

VHR’s solution was to create talent through the relocation of workers to the UAE. This involved incorporating in the UAE, seconding a member of staff to the airline as an onsite representative, and providing a fully managed contract recruitment service.

The service included the recruitment and relocation of all 70 personnel from their home countries to the Middle East, the processing of all work permits, arranging all travel logistics, including sourcing accommodation and transport, on and offboarding, payroll, and providing an onsite HR presence to manage the personnel and client relationship.

The Outcome:

VHR delivered the team of 70 LAEs and Aircraft Technicians within a 3-month period, enabling the airline to maintain its growth. This was to be the beginning of a 13-year partnership that is still in operation today.

In this time VHR has provided services across multiple departments (including Ground Operations, Flight Operations, Engineering, and Training) and provided our client with the flexibility required to expand. VHR’s onsite team peaked at 5 people when we were asked to deliver 280 technicians in a 9-month period. VHR has driven innovation and implemented numerous initiatives with our client to reduce costs, provide an agile and upskilled workforce, and support their supply chain to ensure results are delivered on time.

Metal 2The Situation

In 2014, a global manufacturing client reached out to VHR to provide support in a new location. VHR were already supporting them in the UK, and had a track record of being able to solve problems.

They had been wrongly advised by their incumbent UK-based agencies about legislation regarding temporary workers in France, and had received substantial fines from the French authorities. If they were found to have acted against the law again, they would have faced a prison sentence.

The Solution

VHR’s compliance team researched French employment law, and put together a solution that safeguarded the client against any potential risks. We invested in a French representative based in the country, as well as a French lawyer and accountant assigned only to that client.

The Outcome

The client shared our proposal with their legal team and the French authorities to ensure 100% compliance. Both were satisfied that the proposal was completely above board.

Since then VHR has been the preferred supplier for all contingent ex-pat workers for this client into France, and so far have supplied over 500 workers to them.

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