Formula One Recruitment Project

VHR have recruited over 600 technicians over a 10-year partnership with a European F1 Racing team.

The Situation

FIA rule changes in 2008 forced a European Formula One team into producing their own car in terms of Design and Build.
They were left with two choices:

  • Cease their operation and fall away from F1 altogether.
  • Set up a completely new facility for F1 design and testing

The Solution

  • The Formula One team chose to push for the F1 grid, and with VHR began planning how to staff an entire design team, a wind tunnel operation and a hugely increased in-house machining and laminating production capability.
  • VHR’s On-site Coordinator assisted the European F1 team with managing site staff and candidates directly.

The Outcome

  • 10-year partnership – VHR still work with the Formula One team to recruit all technical staff.
  • 600 contracts placed – High volume of resources provided over 10 years.
  • As of 2018, VHR currently have 100 contract staff on site in Italy and 25 on site in the UK.

Client Quote

“VHR has worked alongside our Formula One team for 10 years, assisting greatly in relation to technical resourcing for our business. It has been a true partnership and VHR has been an important part of our success. We consider VHR a valued member of our team and highly recommend their services to any prospective client.” – HR and Legal Director, Formula One team